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All of our neighbors deserve nutritious food to lead healthy lives.

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The Grow Share Thrive campaign will expand access to more nutritious food for more families in more places, with a focus on those with the highest needs.

Our story

This video takes you on a journey from where we started, to where we are today and where we need to be tomorrow to ensure ALL our neighbors have enough to eat.

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“This food makes a big difference because now we have different things we can make a meal out of. Instead of just making macaroni and cheese or just burgers, with this food I can make an actual meal. We also get a lot of fruit and vegetables, which all of my kids love.” – SARAH

Neighbors in Need

In southwestern Pennsylvania, 1 in 6 of our neighbors does not have enough food to be healthy and thrive.

That means nearly 370,000 people – including more than 112,000 children – experience food insecurity on a regular basis. The need in our region has increased dramatically due to the effects of COVID-19. Individuals and families who never imagined asking for a helping hand are coming to the Food Bank for the first time. People and neighborhoods most vulnerable to food insecurity – especially communities of color and groups such as children, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and people in rural communities – need our support more than ever to ensure they have a steady source of fresh and healthy food.

Map of counties in western PA that are affected by food insecurity


Due to COVID-19, our region has seen a 42 percent increase in food insecurity since 2018.

Source: Feeding America, 2020 food insecurity rate

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With your help, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank will improve the health, wellness, and quality of life of our neighbors.

Stepping Up to the Challenge

Together with our partners, we will work to end hunger and its root causes across our region.

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Become more responsive, delivering more services when and where people need them.

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Expand equitable access to fresh produce and other nutritious foods.

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Move beyond food to help individuals and families access the social and health services needed to get back on their feet.

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Invest in technology and systems to better understand racial and social inequality.

Graph of meals distributed. 2016: 31.4M, 2018:34.5M, 2020: 39.8M, 2025 projected: 48.0M. Source: Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

Meals Distributed
From 2016 to 2020, the number of meals distributed by Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank increased by 8.4 million. Thanks to Grow Share Thrive, distribution will increase another 8.2 million meals by 2025.

Source: Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

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“A lot of working families are in need. A lot of elderly people. A lot of veterans. And people that maybe are working that have circumstances beyond their control. It’s not hard to get behind.” – LEE ANN, COMMUNITY PARTNER

View the Spring 2021 Grow Share Thrive Impact Report

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Improve and expand our facility by 30,000 square feet

Increase overall distribution of food by 66%

Boost fresh fruits and vegetables to 50% of all food we distribute

Broaden community support and engagement

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Extend our network of community partners

Support our partners to better serve the community

Prioritize convenient access to food

Expand current programs to new locations

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Promote independence and choice

Offer recipes and classes on healthy cooking

Provide more outreach and referrals to critical services

Rendering of the new Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank buildingRendering of the new Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank buildingRendering of the new Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank buildingRendering of the new Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank buildingRendering of the new Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank building

Leaving a Lasting Impact

To learn more about campaign recognition opportunities or to make a gift via a donor-advised fund (DAF), appreciated stock/securities, or a multi-year commitment, please email Liz McFarlin-Marciak or call 412.745.0534.

Leadership Investors $250k+

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, Governor

Department of Community and Economic Development, Commonwealth Financing Authority and Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County

Arconic Foundation

Allegheny Foundation

Eden Hall Foundation

Fred and Shirley Jordan Foundation

GBU Financial Life

Giant Eagle

Hilda M. Willis Foundation

Jack Buncher Foundation

Jefferson Regional Foundation

Peoples Natural Gas

PNC Bank Rural Development Partners

PPG Foundation

Richard King Mellon Foundation

The Henry Hillman Foundation

UPMC and UPMC Health Plan